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Reputable Cash Advance Company

Have you found yourself in need of a helping hand from a reputable cash advance company? Perhaps you were lucky and found a great company when you found us. Many can tell you they were unlucky and found one that hassled them or charged them fees that they kept quiet about until they signed on the line. Either way, both types of companies certainly exist.

If you haven't taken out a cash advance before, you might wonder what exactly it is. A cash advance, sometimes called a payday loan, is a small amount of money that you get upfront from a lender in exchange for paying it back (plus interest) on the due date.

Cash advance companies typically offer a cash advance of anywhere from a hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars. This amount is intended to be enough for you to pay off any expenses that you absolutely need to so you can get by until the next paycheck you receive.

The requirements for getting approved is fairly lax. All you really need is proof of ID and employment. As a reputable lender we simply want to be sure we'll get our money back.

Some states regulate cash advances and control the activities of cash advance companies, while others don't. Fortunately, most cash advance companies are honest, but you should still understand just what you're getting into before you take out a cash advance. We are upfront about our fees: $20 per hundred, period.

When you investigate different possibilities for cash advance companies you could look for consumer reviews posted online or BBB (Better Business Bureau) complaints about them. A reputable company, like us, will have no trouble like this, though keep in mind that sometimes competitors will post false negative reviews on their competitors for their own gain.

Finally, all cash advance companies will have to give you the information about their fees at some point before you sign their agreement. This doesn't mean it'll always be prominent information, though, so look carefully through all the information you are provided, particularly any agreements or contracts you sign. Note down any interest rates, fees, penalties, and so on, or rely on a legalese-savvy friend if possible.

Cash advance companies are, on the whole, reputable and concerned with getting their money back while helping their customers survive through a rough period financially. If you're out of options, let us help you out!