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Rates and Fees

There is absolutely no cost to apply for our online cash advances. We are not the lender but simply match you with the best online lenders based upon information you provide on your application. We do not have any input or control over loan fees, the costs of your loan or annual percentage rate of your loan. The fees and rates associated with your loan will vary, based on numerous factors and are usually higher (on an annual percentage basis) than traditional bank loans such as a mortgage or home equity loan. Rates may seem extreemly high when represented on a yearly basis (Annual Percentage Rate or APR), but you must remember you will not have your loan out for a full year. Dispite the fact that payday loans are only short term financing tools, Federal Law requires that all lenders show the cost of the loan on an annual (APR) basis. These details will be explained thoroughly by your lender upon approval of your loan.

When you are matched with an online lender, please thoroughly review all the cash advance information in the agreement, including the loan amount, fees, rates and all other details. There is no obligation to accept these terms until you sign (type your name for your signature) and submit the agreement. If you have a question or concern regarding the loan amount, fees or rate, please contact the lender directly. We expressly disclaim any and all liability related to your application or representations made by any lenders to whom you are referred.

We appreciate your interest. Thank you for trusting us with your cash advance needs.